India Worst Hit By Weather Disasters In South Asia

India Worst Hit By Weather Disasters In South Asia

Between 2019 and 2023, India faced severe weather disasters, leading South Asia in casualties and economic losses. It accounted for over 80% of the region’s deaths, with 10,000 fatalities out of 11,995. These disasters cost India $56 billion in damages, the highest in South Asia. Nationally, 54 million people were affected, two-thirds of them in India, which also contributed significantly to the Asia Pacific toll of 23,525 deaths.

The Asian Development Bank underscores that climate change exacerbates these risks. India has proactively set ambitious targets, achieving its 2030 renewable energy goal ahead of schedule and reducing carbon intensity by 33% from 2005 levels by 2019. Despite its low per capita emissions historically, India advocates for equitable global climate action, emphasizing fair and just policies based on shared responsibilities.

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