Duryog Nivaran, A Part of SIDA Funded, Strengthening Inclusive Disaster Risk Governance for Climate Resilience in Asia Project

Duryog Nivaran, A Part of SIDA Funded, Strengthening Inclusive Disaster Risk Governance for Climate Resilience in Asia Project

Climate change, environmental and hydro-meteorological disasters pose significant threats to communities across Asia. The need for robust, adaptable, and resilient responses has never been greater. In response to this urgent challenge, a new regional consortium project is underway, with the goal of increasing adaptability and strengthening the resilience of at-risk communities. Funded by The Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA), this ambitious initiative will be implemented by a coalition of partners, led by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Asian Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) and  Duryog Nivaran.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Disaster Risk Governance

The consortium’s strategy for enhancing disaster risk governance is comprehensive and multifaceted. It aims to address the complex and interrelated challenges of climate change and disaster risk reduction (DRR) through three main approaches:

Strengthening Regional Networks: By building and enhancing regional networks, the consortium will amplify local voices and influence duty-bearers to fulfill their commitments to inclusive climate change adaptation and DRR actions. These strengthened networks will ensure that local communities are heard and their needs are prioritized in policy-making processes.

Mitigating Power Imbalances: The project recognizes that power imbalances exacerbate the risks faced by women, men, girls, boys, and other at-risk groups. By actively working to mitigate these imbalances, the consortium will promote more equitable and effective responses to climate and disaster risks. This approach ensures that all community members, especially those who are most vulnerable, are supported and empowered.

Facilitating Local-Level Adaptive Actions: The consortium will work with communities, local governments, and other stakeholders to strengthen sustainable local-level adaptive actions. These efforts will contribute to environmental sustainability and ensure that local initiatives are effective and resilient. By focusing on local solutions, the project aims to create lasting and meaningful change at the grassroots level.

Enhancing Regional Collaboration and Local Influence

A key objective of the consortium is to enhance regional collaboration and coordination. By bringing together diverse partners and stakeholders, the project will foster a more cohesive and unified approach to climate change adaptation and DRR. This collaboration will not only strengthen the overall response but also ensure that local voices, including those of women and individuals with intersectional vulnerabilities, are heard and have a significant influence on climate change policies and practices at both regional and national levels.

Duryog Nivaran: A Key Partner in Implementation

Duryog Nivaran is proud to be one of the key partners in implementing this SIDA-funded program. With a longstanding commitment to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, Duryog Nivaran brings valuable expertise and experience to the consortium. Our involvement will ensure that the project is grounded in the realities of local communities and that our collective efforts are impactful and sustainable.

Join Us in Building Resilient Communities

The proposed regional consortium project represents a significant step forward in addressing the challenges of climate change and disaster risk in Asia. By strengthening regional networks, mitigating power imbalances, and facilitating local-level adaptive actions, we can create more resilient and adaptable communities.

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