Dealing with the heat wave: A blueprint for scalding cities

Dealing with the heat wave: A blueprint for scalding cities

Explore Ahmedabad’s groundbreaking Heat Action Plan, a response to escalating temperatures exacerbated by climate change. After a devastating heatwave in 2010 claimed hundreds of lives, Ahmedabad launched South Asia’s first threshold-based strategy in 2013. This comprehensive plan integrates early warning systems, coordinated agency efforts, public awareness campaigns, and robust medical preparedness. Central to its success is a committed nodal officer overseeing strategy implementation and communication during heat emergencies.

The plan’s effectiveness is underscored by its adaptive approach, leveraging local expertise and international partnerships to enhance community resilience. Continuous evaluation and refinement based on seasonal outcomes have yielded measurable reductions in heat-related mortality. Ahmedabad’s initiative has not only safeguarded its residents but has also set a precedent for other cities and influenced national disaster management strategies.

Discover how Ahmedabad’s proactive measures are shaping responses to climate challenges, ensuring communities are prepared and protected against extreme heat.

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