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Port Lore 2016 - Conference & Exhibition

Two day training programme for media in disaster risk reduction

SAARC Disaster Management Center (SDMC), New Delhi, in collaboration with the National Institute of Mass Communication organized a two day training programme for media on the theme ‘Role of media in disaster risk reduction in South Asia'.

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75000 hit in Garo Hills floods

The "back flow" of the rising Brahmaputra in neighbouring Assam is resulting in the swelling of the Jingiram river which has inundated about 100 villages out of which 34 have been totally submerged in West Garo Hills affecting 75000.

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Indian monsoon floods leave 80 dead and 2 million homeless

The worst monsoon floods in a decade to hit the Indian north-eastern state of Assam have killed more than 80 people and forced around 2 million to leave their homes, officials said on Monday.

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No proper shelter for many displaced by floods in Badin district in Sindh province, Pakistan

Mon soon rainy season started in Sindh province (Pakistan) from 19th August 2011 causing floods to Sindh province affecting people in 23 districts. Out of many districts Badin district has been severely affected by floods. Number of deaths reported from Badin alone are 35 out of 398. Furthermore according to the Government sources of Pakistan 8 Million people of Sindh in 23 districts have been suffered, out of them more than 1-Million People are from Badin. Floods have destroyed houses, crops, seeds, cattle and personal assets. Most of the people from the affected areas are living without proper shelter and food. In flood affected areas there is no availability of clean drinking water and the people are drinking contaminated water which may lead spreading of waterborne diseases.

Courtesy- New world Hope, Pakistan

Floods hit many parts of India and Pakistan

Flooding had affected at least 2.2 million people in 3505 villages of 93 blocks and 14 urban areas of 19 districts in the Orissa state of India. According to government reports 14 domestic animals have died and 2 elephants have been swept away by flood waters to a distance of about 5 kilometres and are waiting rescue.  Two persons have died of snake bite and many are stuck up in swampy embankments and mounts without any safe drinking water.

Mean while state had started airdropping food packets for flood victims of Kendrapada, Puri and Jagatsinghpur districts other facilities. Several voluntary organisations and political parties have also initiated flood relief activities.

In coastal Odisha, many people are taking shelter in embankments those are vulnerable to breach.  In Daleighai of Jagatsinghpur district, thousands of villagers are taking shelter.  This embankment breached in 1982 floods. So far reports have come about the breach of 21 embankments including 15 big ones.

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Hirakud dam fails in managing floods, yet again!

The flood situation in river Mahanadi, especially due to mismanagement of the Hirakud dam, has once again called for urgent attention of the policy planners.  While we write this update at the afternoon hours of 9th September 2011, television channels are broadcasting that 59 out of the 64 gates of the dam have been opened to release 9,74,373 cusecs of water.  10, 37,000 cusec of water is entering into the reservoir.  Almost all the districts downstream have been hugely impacted by this.  In districts like Sambalpur, areas which had not seen floods even in 2008, have been inundated with flood waters.  “The dam management authority kept watching for this situation to come even as the water in the reservoir kept increasing steadily from July 20”, alleges Water Initiatives Odisha.

Analysing the reservoir level, one would find out that it was maintained at about 595 feet for the month of July but started steadily increasing from July 20 when it touched 596.85.  While on July 24 it touched 601.75, by August 1, it reached 607.27.  Then it continued to increase and from August 9 it went above 620 level and as reported currently it’s about 628.5.

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