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Zurich and Practical Action team up in a global flood resilience alliance

Zurich and Practical Action team up in a global flood resilience alliance

Practical Action and Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) have formed a significantly enhanced £6.4 million alliance in building community resilience to disasters, especially flooding which affects more people globally than any other natural hazard.

This 5 year agreement will support the development of innovative tools and approaches to improve the wellbeing of flood vulnerable communities in the developing world. It will help to save the lives and livelihoods of thousands of the most-poor, with the learning being scaled-up and shared more widely around the world.

It will draw on Zurich’s extensive insurance and risk expertise around the world, while Practical Action will provide both technical innovation and community expertise resulting from almost 50 years of work in some of the most challenging environments of Africa, Latin America and South Asia.
The initial work will be in Nepal, looking at the issues around flash floods, and in Peru where the focus will be on flood resilience in an urban setting. 

CEO of Practical Action, Simon Trace, said: “I am delighted to announce a major expansion of Practical Action’s relationship with Zurich. Over the next 5 years, recognising the link between poverty, vulnerability and disasters, this enhanced alliance will allow us to collaborate even more closely together in the vital area of flood resilience.

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The Annual General Meeting of Duryog Nivaran

Members from Sri Lanka
The Annual General Meeting of DuryogNivaran took place on the 12th of March 2013, online and hosted from the Distance Learning Center, Colombo 07. Many members from Sri Lanka attended the meeting in person and members overseas were provided with the facility of taking part online.

The focus of this AGM was to strengthen the cross border network base and regional coordination amongst the member countries.  In order to widen the participation towards the regional commitments of the network, the number of “steering committee” members is increased up to seven, with representatives from the countries with larger membership in the network. The steering committee members elected for the coming year are VishakaHidellage (the chair person), and Ramona Miranda from Sri Lanka, AchyutLuitel from Nepal, AmjadBatti from Pakistan, Mihir Bhatt from India and Muhammad Taher from Bangladesh. MadhaviAriyabandu based in Bangkok is also on the SC,

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The tragic building collapse in Bangladesh

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The eight story Rana Plaza, which was illegally built by defying the building codes had housed 4 different units of RMG (Ready Made Garments) factories, among other businesses. Built upon a pond/canal, the foundation of the building was wrong to start with (meant for four story building anyway).

It was not intended to be a factory, meant to be a shopping mall. This eight story building now had about 8,000 people working in it with lots of heavy machinery and equipment. On the top floor sat a large power generator. With frequent power disruptions in the area, the howling giant would start off with a shake sending shivers down the spines of the workers a number of times a day. But the factory owners and the building owner remained nonchalant - busy meeting buyers' deadlines and counting money. That the building was no longer able to bear the burden anymore was written all over through myriad calligraphy of cracks.

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Landslide and flood due to torrential rain in Nepal

Landslide and flood triggered by torrential rain have hit the Sankhuwasabha area in Nepal.  The landslide after heavy downpour on October 2nd caused death of four people at Dhupu-Jyamire Tole and Barhabise. Three others were reported missing. Among the deceased, there persons including a pregnant women and 18-Month old baby were buried in their house during landslide. In another incident a person died while he was on his way home drowned in the swollen Sabhakhola River and two others were injured. Dozens of houses had swept away and several families were displaced. About 40 families had left their homes due to fear of Landslides in Sabhapokhari.

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Bringing nature back into cities project


Pakistan floods kill 371, affect 4.5 million

ISLAMABAD, 29 Sept AFP - Monsoon floods in Pakistan have killed 371 people and affected nearly 4.5 million, the government's disaster relief agency said on.

Pakistan has suffered devastating floods in the past two years, including the worst in its history in 2010, when catastrophic inundations across the country killed almost 1,800 people and affected 21 million.


Natural calamities a bug threat to development states Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime minister tells UN representative; at another event she pledges to raise number of women in political leadership by 2021; joins Obama's reception


Flood water washes away 17 villagers in Machiara, Pakistan

MUZAFFARABAD, PAKISTAN: At least thirteen people including two women and four children were swept away by violent water of a rain-swollen Nullah in Machiara area of Muzaffarabad, Pakistan on Wednesday, September 5.

A police official in the area confirmed that 13 people were washed away by fast-flowing water of the flooded Nullah that runs through the centre of a thinly populated village. Four schoolchildren were swept away by the water they were trying to cross to get to school, the official said. The rest of the people including two women were washed away when they were attempting to catch wood logs from the water of the Nullah, the police official added.

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Flash floods in mountainous northern Indian have killed at least 34 people and left hundreds of Hindu pilgrims stranded, officials said Sunday. Twenty-three workers at a hydroelectric power plant in Uttarakhand state died after water gushed into the facility on Saturday, state Disaster Management Minister Yashpal Arya said. Arya said three fire department personnel died in a riverside village in the state, which is in the Himalayan foothills. “They were washed way from their fire station,” Arya said, adding there had been seven other deaths in the region since the floods began early Saturday after heavy rains. The state’s Uttarkashi district is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site, Arya said.

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