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Duryog Nivaran Member Explores Common Narrative for International Humanitarian System

Duryog Nivaran (DN) member, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) has explored the utility of common humanitarian narrative for the international humanitarian system. AIDMI argues that can there ever be a “common narrative” as humanitarian action unfolds at so many levels by so many stakeholders creating narratives for so many uses. The strength of humanitarian action in South Asia is its vibrancy and diversity. Rapidly changing narratives cooperate, collaborate, and collide as the humanitarian actions unfold. Common narrative has a purpose, place, and period of usefulness, but may not be as “common” as it may claim to be. For example, the voices of excluded, Southern, local, and smaller organizations may be left out. Ways must be found to have both, common and multiple narratives for international humanitarian action. Individuals and organizations are being invited to jointly develop this idea further with field evidence from South Asia.

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