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Duryog Nivaran at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Sendai (Part I)

Report from Mihir Bhatt, Chairperson of Duryog Nivaran

“Duryog Nivaran” founding member and current chair Mihir R. Bhatt of All India Disaster Mitigation Institute brought up “Duryog Nivaran” (DN) work and ideas in several key events he participated in at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Sendai, Japan. A short report is as follows.

1. Actions on Engaging Private Sector in Recovery session organised by International Recovery Platform attracted a lot of interest in Duryog Nivaran’s work on small and medium enterprise (SME) and the role they play in causing local economic and community recovery. Impact of SME of South Asia in recovery is far more timely and targeted to the poor, he said. Duryog Nivaran can document SME recovery in Bangladesh after floods in 2014.

2. Good Practice Review (GPR) 9: Disaster Risk Reduction session was organised by the Overseas Development Institute, where Duryog Nivaran’s use of this GPR in its work on Gender as well as Governance was discussed with interest. He pointed out work of Duryog Nivaran members that was inspired by GPR as well as that was a step or the ahead of GPR. Duryog Nivaran members can directly share their work with GPR author to consider for use in its upcoming chapter on Community Based Disaster Risk
3. Highlighting Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing the New Risk Reduction framework in South Asia session was organized by Climate Development Knowledge Network and the role of regional networks, such as Duryog Nivaran came up in making sure that focus on poor, women, and excluded communities is direct, in the Sendai Framework of Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR). Duryog Nivaran members can review SFDRR and give its comments or best way to implement SFDRR in South Asia. In each county at least a meeting can be organized. Mihir R. Bhatt will be in Bangladesh soon and will work with members to review SFDRR from Duryog Nivaran perspective.

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